Octopus restless night

Also known as:  Schulmädchen-Report 4. Teil – Was Eltern oft verzweifeln lässt, Barely Innocent, Campus Swingers, Reportage gyro apo tis mathitries No 4, Schoolgirl Report Part 4: What Drives Parents to Despair, Sex Education, Thranio No 4: Sexomania anilikon koritsion

Night Moves is a superb detective thriller that plays with profound ideas without getting its fingers burned. It’s one of those ’70s pictures that gets better the more one sees it. Little indebted to what has come before, it goes right to the heart of the problem raised by the words “solve the mystery.” Most everyone appreciated the previous year’s Chinatown but Alan Sharp’s contemporary story skips over the glamor angle. This view of Hollywood isn’t flattering and the thriller action has a melancholic air, like a post-Watergate Key Largo .

Octopus Restless NightOctopus Restless NightOctopus Restless NightOctopus Restless Night