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Like many staples in prep style, you either love boat shoes or hate them. Personally, I adore them. In fact, as I sit in my office writing this article, I am wearing a pair of boat shoes by Brooks Brothers. While many credit Sperry Topsider with the initial introduction, and most people consider them the quintessential boat shoe, there are many companies today that make them. Boat shoes are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They were created as a non-slip shoe for sailing and are generally are made of leather and sometimes suede or other materials. They are worn exclusively without socks and as a casual shoe that is tied using leather boat shoe laces. For more information, check out this great primer on boat shoes by my colleague Sven Raphael Schneider.

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Japan Gentlemen Take PolaroidsJapan Gentlemen Take PolaroidsJapan Gentlemen Take PolaroidsJapan Gentlemen Take Polaroids