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​ Gilles Brochard , journaliste, responsable pédagogique dans une école de journalisme à Paris, a animé le Club des Buveurs de thé français pendant une dizaine d’année. Il est l’auteur de plusieurs essais et guides sur le thé​, le chocolat et la gastronomie​​ ​ dont Le Thé dans l’encrier, Petit traité du thé​, La Boite à thé, La Boite à chocolat, Cuisine d’Altitude​ .

Agencies are even moving away from describing themselves as PR firms. “We are content providers and distributors. Media relations no longer defines what we do,” said Florence Quinn, founder of Quinn , the travel and lifestyle powerhouse. “We create strong ideas that resonate with people and the media. This is incredibly exciting because there are a gajillion ways to produce content and even more ways to distribute it. The line between earned and paid media has been crossed forever; there is no going back.”

I’ve been a dissident therapist with lived experience of extreme states in the SF Bay Area since 1980. I’ve seen the growing unified political power of NAMI, the APA and its disease model paradigm of psychiatry, plus the cash flow from Big Pharma, totally destroy the existence of compassionate, medication-free sanctuaries for people in extreme states — places like Soteria House, IWard, and Diabasis House. All three of those sanctuaries were actually open at the same time here in the Bay Area. My blog “ Remembering a Medication-Free Madness Sanctuary ” tells of my years serving at the IWard sanctuary, and about my research on Diabasis House and my connection with Loren Mosher of Soteria too.

Frank Marino JuggernautFrank Marino JuggernautFrank Marino JuggernautFrank Marino Juggernaut