Humble pie performance rockin the fillmore

Elyse demands that Stifler be punished for ruining their performance, stating that he always gets away with his pranks because he is the school's star football player. The school's guidance counselor Chuck Sherman ("The Sherminator") decides that a worthwhile punishment would be for Stifler to attend band camp, in the hopes that he would make friends with the "bandies" and not follow in the footsteps of his much-hated brother. When first arriving, Matt is very disrespectful to the rules and also everyone at Tall Oaks and gets his band group in trouble. Noah Levenstein (Jim's father), camp MACRO (Morale and Conflict Resolution Officer; he's filling in for Michelle as she is now pregnant), recommends that he try to fit in and earn the band's trust, which is the last thing that Matt wants to do. However, a phone call from his friend Andy, who says that earning their trust will get him better footage for his video, inspires Matt to be much more respectful and humble towards the band. Matt also finds out that his dorky roommate Ernie has an extensive knowledge of spy cameras and technology, so Matt agrees to let him help with the filming, making his first friend at Tall Oaks. As Matt "is earning the band's trust" he gets into a big confrontation with their rival band leader, Brandon, and even goes as far as to accept a duel challenge made by him, having no idea what a duel is.

Though many more inventors would create their own versions of the roller skate over the next century, it wasn’t until 1863, when James Plimpton tried his hand at this whole roller-skate-inventing thing, that there came into existence a skate actually capable of turning. Plimpton’s four-wheeled skate made use of springy carriages called trucks that allowed the skater to turn by leaning in the direction of travel. Plimpton built a roller rink in his New York furniture-business office, and he also established the New York Roller Skating Association to promote skating.

Humble Pie Performance Rockin The FillmoreHumble Pie Performance Rockin The FillmoreHumble Pie Performance Rockin The FillmoreHumble Pie Performance Rockin The Fillmore