Ocarina orchestra ocarina orchestra

One of the oldest ocarinas found in Europe is from Runik, Kosovo. The ocarina is a Neolithic flute-like wind instrument and was named Runik Ocarina, the earliest prehistoric musical instrument ever recorded in Kosovo. [4] The modern European ocarina dates back to the 19th century, when Giuseppe Donati from Budrio , a town near Bologna, Italy transformed the ocarina from a toy, which only played a few notes, into a more comprehensive instrument (known as the first "classical" ocarinas). The word ocarina in the Bolognese dialect of the Emiliano-Romagnolo language means "little goose ." The earlier form was known in Europe as a gemshorn , which was made from animal horns of the chamois ( Dutch : gems ).

Although the explorers have numerous scares, they manage to get into the facility and spend a lot of time. They brought back tons of footage of the shuttles on the inside and out, even managing to fly a drone through the enormous hanger.

Ocarina Orchestra Ocarina OrchestraOcarina Orchestra Ocarina OrchestraOcarina Orchestra Ocarina OrchestraOcarina Orchestra Ocarina Orchestra