Diamond head borrowed time

Diamond ensures success in love and married life by enhancing positive energy of Venus. Relations in married life are improved and the wearer gets co-operations from spouse. Venus is considered to have feministic nature and denotes tenderness. If Venus is positive and powerful in the horoscope, the person will be generous holding charming personality. If Venus is weak by virtue of placement in the chart or is in debilitated state or is in enemy sign, the desired results of Venus as well as the house it denotes cannot be expected. The person feels unsatisfied in life and suffers from instability and depression.

Cut from a 404-carat stone and part of a necklace designed by de Grisogono, it is the largest D flawless diamond ever put on the block.

In their early days, the band played very few cover songs and concentrated on their own material. Exceptions were Black Sabbath 's "Paranoid", "Its All For The Love of Rock and Roll" by the Tuff Darts, "Motorhead" by Motörhead and Space Station #5 by Montrose. In one interview, Brian Tatler stated that they wrote some 100 songs before their first studio recorded release, and only one song ( It's Electric ) from their 1978 debut gig with Colin made it onto vinyl.

Diamond Head Borrowed TimeDiamond Head Borrowed TimeDiamond Head Borrowed TimeDiamond Head Borrowed Time