Die form du coeur humain

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Former capital of the Rouergue , [1] the city is seat of the Diocese of Rodez and Vabres . Its inhabitants are called Ruthénois , [2] from the name of the Ruteni , a Gallic tribe which once occupied the territory, the former demonym of "Rodanois" (from Occitan rodanés ) having given way to this scholarly form.

Miniatures of frequently unprecedented iconography, thirty-four by an artist associated with the Maître François whom we shall call the Master of Jean Rolin II, and three in the late style of the Master of the Duke of Bedford make this book a document of special historical importance. I shall examine the iconography and style of some of the miniatures most significant for Suso's text, and present a résumé of findings with regard to the date

Die Form Du Coeur HumainDie Form Du Coeur HumainDie Form Du Coeur HumainDie Form Du Coeur Humain