Infinity spread the word

In the story, a mysterious cosmic entity known as the Beyonder has been observing the Earth and all its mighty superheroes for years. One day he decides to cosmically kidnap them all and transport them to Battleworld, a planet of his own creation. His plan: to force the heroes to duke it out. The winner will, essentially, be granted anything they so desire.

But dig a little deeper and you can actually start to figure out a bit more about where the character ended up after  Ragnarok . Perhaps most notably, the God of Thunder is looking remarkably binocular here. One of the big moments in the finale of the aforementioned threequel was Thor losing his right eye, mirroring the look of his dad Odin and signifying that he’s ready to assume the throne of Asgard. Yet, could he have regrown it already? On top of that, the leaked Comic-Con footage of  Infinity War also showed him with two eyes. So, what gives?

Infinity Spread The WordInfinity Spread The WordInfinity Spread The WordInfinity Spread The Word