Discharge the price of silence

With the introduction of the Sanyo’s Eneloop battery, NiMH batteries could be used in devices that were traditionally restricted to disposable alkaline batteries, such as wall clocks and TV remote controls. And, when used in gadgets like digital cameras or flashlights, they can be left installed for weeks or months on end and will still work when you pick up the camera for that spontaneous snapshot or reach for the flashlight during a power failure.

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There are two series of documents for ESD control programmes in use throughout the industry. The IEC 61340-5-X series is most widely used in Europe, and the rest of the world generally bases its ESD control plans on the ANSI/ESD . Both documents highlight the need to appoint an ESD Coordinator or Programme Manager, someone who is responsible for the implementation and verification of the ESD control programme in use in his company. In some companies he is also responsible for the proper measures to be taken to educate all staff.

Discharge The Price Of SilenceDischarge The Price Of SilenceDischarge The Price Of SilenceDischarge The Price Of Silence