Cock sparrer shock troops

Things like this seem to happen to me all the time. There was the Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles last month where Clyde Ward and I were mistaken for “Federales” sparking a wave of misunderstandings, a cringe-worthy incident in a street the month before when I was falsely accused of snubbing a “dying child”, a strange encounter with a neurologist and his stunningly attractive trainee assistant, a farcical stag night in Bournemouth, the whole mix up with TalkSPORT when they hired me to do a weekly entertainment-based phone-in show and the very first thing the producer said when I got there was “Right, tonight...Iran!” What? Why? How did that happen? My life has become a comedy of errors. And the more I think about it, maybe it always has been. After all, I am the guy who ended up going two rounds with Lloyd Honeyghan back in the 1980s through no fault of my own. Perhaps I should write it all up. There’s enough here for a series. Hell, there’s enough for a film. Anyone got a number for Larry David?

Shock Troops is the second album, and the first widely distributed, by punk rock band Cock Sparrer . It was released in 1982 on Razor Records.

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Cock Sparrer Shock TroopsCock Sparrer Shock TroopsCock Sparrer Shock TroopsCock Sparrer Shock Troops