Michael hedges aerial boundaries

Agroforestry is the integration of woody vegetation, crops and/or livestock on the same area of land. Trees can be inside parcels or on the boundaries (hedges). Agroforestry can be applied to all agricultural systems, in all parts of Europe. Agroforestry systems are obtained by planting trees on agricultural land or introducing agriculture in existing woodland (., silvopasture). Europe has a unique heritage of traditional agroforestry systems with a high environmental and cultural value, and Europe has a high potential for innovative modern agroforestry systems developed by research centers across Europe during the last two decades. Agroforestry practices have been overlooked by previous CAP schemes, resulting in billions of trees being destroyed across Europe. Recently, incentives for establishing AF plots have been introduced, but conflicts between pillar 1 and pillar 2 rules have prevented European farmers to establish or maintain agroforestry systems.

Michael Hedges Aerial BoundariesMichael Hedges Aerial BoundariesMichael Hedges Aerial BoundariesMichael Hedges Aerial Boundaries