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If it is not possible to establish an external, historical record for the prophecy then the next logical approach is to examine its contents to see which theory of its origins they are more consistent with: Do the contents seem to suggest that it was written in the 1100s or do they suggest that it was written around 1590?

It’s interesting that you bring that up because Wish Realm Hook had mentioned playing chess with his missing daughter, and now we see Rogers playing chess with Tilly. Is this your first clue to the viewers that Alice may be Hook’s daughter?
KITSIS: I can’t confirm or deny, but I’d say you certainly seem perceptive.

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With all those exits at the end of last season, we didn’t get to hear too much from you about how it feels to leave the show. Is there anything else you wish you had gotten to do with Belle on Once Upon a Time ?
I still wish I got to ride a horse. [ Laughs ] I do! It was the one thing I remember saying in season 1 or season 2 to the question, “What would you like to do?” “I’m such an animal lover, I had animals growing up, I’d love to ride a horse. Everyone else is riding horses!” Cut to season 5, they write me in that Gaston episode, “Her Handsome Hero,” riding on a horse, but by that episode I was seven months pregnant. They wrote most of the horse riding out and then used a double. But as far as character-wise, I do wish we would’ve been able to delve more into Belle’s past as a child, as a teenager, or even as a younger woman and learn a little bit more about her family dynamic and her early life, and what shaped her into the young woman that we met in “Skin Deep.”

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Love Prophecy Belle The BeastLove Prophecy Belle The BeastLove Prophecy Belle The BeastLove Prophecy Belle The Beast