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As a reminder, customers using our Mailmark option need to give us a timely and accurate e-manifest, which details each mailing.

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Believe it or not, the idea of electronic money didn’t originate in the 20th Century . Shockingly it can be traced back to 1880 when American scientist Edward Bellamy purposed that payments be made in his book, “Looking Backwards,” with prepaid cards in settlements. While this system didn’t become a reality, it wasn’t until 1914 that there was an actual attempt to start using credit cards as a form of currency. Again, this didn’t have much of an impact until the introduction of the Diners Card in 1950. Shortly after, Visa and MasterCard began issuing credit cards.

Jackie Staunton, the Canine Partners' chairman of trustees, said the team was “incredibly excited for the visit,” adding: “It is such an honour for us to welcome the Queen to our training centre in West Sussex.” 

Royal Cash Radio ActivityRoyal Cash Radio ActivityRoyal Cash Radio ActivityRoyal Cash Radio Activity