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"Liquidator" arrived in 1969 on a bass line borrowed from the Staple Singers , sharp-edged reggae guitar, a compulsive rhythm that quickened one's blood, and a circling organ herded the crowds onto the dancefloor. A huge hit in Jamaica, it also soared into the British Top 10. Invariably, producer Harry Johnson bundled it and another 11 recent instrumentals onto a full-length album, titled after "Liquidator" of course. The melodies were different, but the template remained basically the same -- a distinctive bassline and a loping rhythm, topped off by swaggering organ solos. Now and again ebullient piano work rose to the fore, as on "Jack the Ripper" and "Spyrone," while saxophonist Val Bennett superbly handled the bulk of the solos on "Reach for the Sky." But those were the exceptions. The bulk of the set featured instrumental versions of vocal cuts, some Jamaican -- the breezy "Elcong," for instance, was voiced by Bob Andy as "Weep"; others, including "Je T'Aime," "My Cherie Amour," and "Don't Let Me Down," were covers of pop hits. The arrangements are uniformly excellent, the musicianship inspired, the moods, however, varied. From the get up and go reveille "The Dog" to the jazzy, rocking "Sky," across the bubbling "Down" and the breezy "Elcong," and onto the lush "Je T'Aime," Liquidator showcased the range of early reggae at its very best.

Harry J Allstars (aka Harry J All Stars , Harry J. All Stars and The Jay Boys ), is the best known name of a reggae band, led by record producer Harry Zephaniah Johnson (Westmoreland, Jamaica, July 6, 1945 - April 3, 2013) aka Harry J , head of Harry J Records. They débuted in 1969, with album " Liquidator " (Harry J Records - aka Harry J All Stars' " Liquidator " and Harry J. All Stars' " Liquidator "), plus singles which also… read more