Thirteen at midnight last true friends

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Hocus Pocus
October 29, 4:30 .
Sie FilmCenter
Wanting to wallow in nostalgia with the kiddos? Head over to the Sie FilmCenter for the family-friendly comedy Hocus Pocus . Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Katherine Najimy star as a coven of witches unwittingly released by the new kid in town, Max. With the help of his sister, played by Thora Birch and her magical cat, they aim to save the town by stopping the trio from becoming immortal. The film is filled with plenty of hijinks and shenanigans. Tickets can be found online on the  Denver Film Society site ; watch the trailer here .

Barnard 68 is a large dark nebula , located 410 light-years from Earth. Despite its diameter of light-years, Barnard 68 only has twice the mass of the Sun, making it both very diffuse and very cold, with a temperature of about 16 kelvins . Though it is currently stable, Barnard 68 will eventually collapse, inciting the process of star formation . One unusual feature of Barnard 68 is its vibrations, which have a period of 250,000 years. Astronomers speculate that this phenomenon is caused by the shock wave from a supernova . [11]

In the summer of 1950, a boy's relationship with his authoritarian father is strained to the breaking point when his idol, John Wayne, comes to stay at their family's motel during the filming of the classic Western Rio Grande.

Thirteen At Midnight Last True FriendsThirteen At Midnight Last True FriendsThirteen At Midnight Last True FriendsThirteen At Midnight Last True Friends