How To Have An IUD Removed: 9 Steps

You can have the IUD removed at any time. This procedure is relatively simple, is almost painless and has almost no side effects. If you know what to expect and talk to your doctor, you can follow simple steps and choose the most appropriate time and way to have your IUD removed.

Preparing to remove the IUD

Jak si nechat vyjmout nitroděložní tělísko: 9 Kroků (s obrázky)

Consider why you need to remove the IUD. There are several reasons why you want or need to remove an IUD. You should have your IUD removed if you want to become pregnant, if you are going through menopause, or if you want to start using an alternative method of contraception. You will also need to have the IUD removed if its expiration date has expired, if you have become pregnant despite an established IUD, if you have a sexually transmitted disease, or if you are having an operation that requires its removal.

Rare cases of IUD having to be removed to respond to an IUD include heavy bleeding, severe pain, and heavy or prolonged menstruation.

The expiration date of the IUD is 5 years. Copper IUDs can be installed for up to 10 years.

Jak si nechat vyjmout nitroděložní tělísko: 9 Kroků (s obrázky)

Make an appointment with your doctor. Once you know why you need to remove the IUD, make an appointment with your gynecologist. Explain exactly what you need, so you may need to go for an examination first.

You will also be able to schedule an intervention.

Jak si nechat vyjmout nitroděložní tělísko: 9 Kroků (s obrázky)

Talk to your doctor. You should talk to your doctor about removing your IUD, either by phone or during your visit. Tell your doctor why you need or want to remove your IUD. If your need to remove the IUD is unjustified, your doctor will be able to explain everything to you and will be able to talk to you about your concerns with the IUD.

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It is very important that you speak honestly with your doctor so that he or she will be able to advise and help you best.

Jak si nechat vyjmout nitroděložní tělísko: 9 Kroků (s obrázky)

Use other forms of contraception. If you had an IUD removed so that you can start using another form of contraception, due to an operation, or due to a sexually transmitted disease, you should start using another form of contraception a week before removing the IUD. If you have unprotected sex in the weeks before removing the IUD, you can become pregnant after removing the IUD, even if you no longer had unprotected sex after removing the IUD. This is because sperm can live up to 5 days inside your uterus.

You could also abstain from sex during the week or weeks preceding the removal of the IUD if you do not have access to an alternative form of contraception.

IUD removal

Jak si nechat vyjmout nitroděložní tělísko: 9 Kroků (s obrázky)

Have yourself examined before removing the IUD. When you are in the doctor’s office, they will examine you and find out where the IUD is located. He inserts his fingers into your vagina and places his other hand on your stomach, or uses mirrors to find out where the IUD is. They will feel or see if the IUD is still on the cervix.

Your doctor may also use a hysteroscope, which is a thin tube that has a light and a camera at the end.

This test also checks for hypersensitivity or physiological changes that could prevent IUD removal.

In rare cases, an ultrasound or X-ray may be necessary if your doctor cannot find the IUD wires. They are used to ensure that the IUD is not pushed into the abdomen or pelvis.

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Jak si nechat vyjmout nitroděložní tělísko: 9 Kroků (s obrázky)

Have your IUD removed. In order for your doctor to remove the IUD, he first inserts mirrors into your vagina, thereby dilating the vagina and being able to see the cervix better. When the IUD is clearly visible, your doctor inserts a pean into the vagina to catch the wires on the IUD and removes the IUD.

The IUD arms fold outward so as not to injure the vagina when removed.

Jak si nechat vyjmout nitroděložní tělísko: 9 Kroků (s obrázky)

Difficult to remove IUDs. It is possible that your IUD has shifted, the wires are in a difficult position, or the IUD has grown into a cervix. If your doctor is trying to remove the IUD and is unable to move the IUD, he may use a cytology brush, a small brush that looks like a mascara brush. The doctor inserts the toothbrush into your vagina, turns it over, and removes it along with the overgrown IUD wires and the entire IUD.

If even this method fails to remove the IUD, the physician can use the IUD hook, it is a narrow, metal tool with a hook at the end. This method may take a little longer, depending on where your IUD has moved. Your doctor will insert the hook into the vagina and remove it again. If he fails to capture the IUD, he will continue the operation until he completely captures the IUD and removes it.

Outpatient surgery is the last option to remove an IUD if it has not been removed in the usual way. If the doctor does not see the IUD wires, it is necessary to use a small camera (hysteroscope) to find the IUD. Usually this procedure is performed in the surgery.

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Jak si nechat vyjmout nitroděložní tělísko: 9 Kroků (s obrázky)

Recognize common side effects. The only common side effects when removing IUDs are cramps and minimal bleeding. These symptoms should only last a short time before they disappear completely.

In some rare cases, you may have more severe reactions, which may be due to an underlying health problem. Call your doctor immediately if you have severe abdominal cramps, pain or tenderness, fever, chills, or unexplained vaginal bleeding or discharge.

Jak si nechat vyjmout nitroděložní tělísko: 9 Kroků (s obrázky)

You can have another IUD inserted if you want. If you have had an IUD removed because its expiration date has expired, your doctor may insert a new IUD immediately. Arrange this procedure with your doctor in advance so that he can prepare properly. You may feel a slight discomfort and bleed when inserting a new IUD.

If the IUD is introduced immediately, its contraceptive properties will not be interrupted.

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