How To Massage Someone’s Back: 15 Steps

While you need to have a lot of experience and knowledge for a fully therapeutic back massage, you can still give someone a relaxing, muscle-relaxing massage even without a massage course. If you learn the basic techniques of massage and how to use them, you can give someone a quality massage at home. However, what you must not forget if you do not have a professional massage course is the fact that you should exert only a little pressure during the massage so as not to harm the person being massaged.

Preparing for a back massage

Jak někomu namasírovat záda: 15 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Choose a nice place. If you use a massage table, you will have the best access to the back from all sides, this table is also made directly for massages, so it is comfortable, it has a hole in the face, thanks to which the person being massaged will relieve his back. If you do not have a massage table, there are several alternative options.

If you do not have access to a massage table, you can try massaging on the floor, sofa or bed, or even on the kitchen table if it is strong enough to carry the person being massaged when he is lying on top of him. Each of these options has its drawbacks and is not as comfortable as a massage table, because the person being massaged does not get so much rest and relief, and even these are not ideal for the person massaging.

If a bed is the best choice for you, make sure that if you offer a massage, the person will not interpret your intention otherwise. Think about the relationship you have with each other and agree in advance that you will be massaging on the bed.

Jak někomu namasírovat záda: 15 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Choose a soft pad. If you do not have a massage table and you are massaging on a hard surface, place a soft mat on it. Use a mat that is at least 5 cm tall so that the person being massaged can settle and enjoy the massage.

Jak někomu namasírovat záda: 15 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Spread the sheet over a mat or table. The person you are massaging will have to undress almost entirely, so a clean sheet will certainly be pleasant and also hygienic. The sheet also absorbs excess oil, which drains off your back.

Jak někomu namasírovat záda: 15 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Prepare the room. The room should be warm, but not too hot. Such a room will be ideal for the person being massaged, it will help him relax the muscles you are trying to massage.

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Play some nice music. New age music, ambient, chill out or even nature sounds are very pleasant and soothing. Rough, fast music is not suitable for massage. Massage more with the sound of the music.

Dim the lights so that you can see the massage and there is a pleasant, undisturbed light in the room.

Light gently perfumed aromatherapy candles. This step is optional and you should ask the massage person whether they smell the scent of the candles or vice versa.

Jak někomu namasírovat záda: 15 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Ask the masseur to undress at his own discretion. The massage is best performed when the person is undressed, especially if you use oil or body lotion on the massaged area. Ask the person being massaged to undress as much as they like.

Always offer the person being massaged an extra towel or sheet. This will allow you to cover those parts of your body that you will not be massaging at the moment. The atmosphere will be more pleasant for both of you and you will be better massaged. The masseur relaxes again and enjoys the massage more.

If you want to give the massaged person more privacy, let him undress alone and wait, for example, in the next room. Offer him a towel or sheet to cover and knock before entering the room and ask if you are allowed to enter.

If the person being massaged has kept underwear or trousers, you can include the towel he covered behind the hem of his trousers so that his clothes do not get dirty from the oil.

Jak někomu namasírovat záda: 15 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Ask the massage to lie on his stomach. If you have a massage table, the masseur will insert his face into the hole.

If it is comfortable for the massage, put a rolled towel or a small pillow under his ankles. It acts as a lumbar support.

Jak někomu namasírovat záda: 15 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Uncover the massaged back. If the person being massaged is still wrapped in a sheet or towel, ask him to reveal himself or tell him that you are going to do so. Then gently pull the sheet to about hip height.

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Performing a back massage

Jak někomu namasírovat záda: 15 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Tell the masseuse you’re starting. Also ask him to tell you if anything will be uncomfortable or painful during the massage. It is important that the person being massaged trusts you. It is not appropriate to joke or have any inappropriate comments during the massage.

During the massage, remind the person being massaged to breathe slowly and deeply. Proper breathing will also help relax.

Pour some massage oil into your palm. Start with an amount equivalent to about one teaspoon. Heat the oil by rubbing it between your palms and then you can spread it on the back of the person being massaged.

Organic coconut oil, grape seed oil, jojoba or almond oil are perfect for the massage. There is also a range of expensive, perfumed massage oils available on the market, which you can also try.

Grind the oil. The goal of this technique is to gently spread the oil over the entire back area using “light friction”. Use long, smooth and sliding strokes.

Use the entire palm area and start from the lower back and work your way up. Always face the heart (follow the direction in which the blood flows in the body), apply only light pressure and then gently run your hands back to the lower back. When moving back to the lumbar area, keep in touch with the massage, but do not push.

Repeat this technique for about 3-5 minutes and gradually increase the pressure from mild to moderate to warm up the muscles.

Do not push on the shoulders and neck.

Use a technique called petrissage. It is a technique that uses short, circular strokes and exerts more pressure than the previous method. You can imagine kneading the dough, rolling it and applying gentle pressure. This technique promotes deeper blood circulation.

With this technique, you can engage your palms, fingertips and even joints in short, circular movements.

The movement should come from the waist – your center of the body – rather than the shoulders. Thanks to this movement, you will not get so tired.

Massage the entire back for about 2-5 minutes. You can alternate the first and second technique so that the massage is not so monotonous.

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When using the petrissage technique, stick to only mild to medium pressure.

Use the tapping technique. This technique is actually a set of repetitive taps on the back of different parts of the hand. To use this technique, you can squeeze your palms into a cup, leave them straight, or even spread your fingers slightly, or tap the back with your hand. These movements have a stimulating and compressive effect on the tissues.

Your wrists should be relaxed and slightly bent and you should use a quick but not hard movement. Thanks to a relaxed wrist, you will not be able to exert too much pressure.

Massage like this for about 2-3 minutes and do not miss any space from the entire back area.

Use a muscle lifting technique. For this technique, hold your palm as if you were imagining a crab claw. Your thumb is pointing against your index finger. Apply mild pressure and rub while lifting the skin slightly. Rotate your hands and imagine the movement of a windshield wiper.

Massage the entire back from the bottom up about 2-3 times.

Neck massage. Stand in front of the massage. Place your thumbs where your neck ends and your back begins. Spread your thumbs and massage with gentle pressure towards the lumbar part. However, do not push down, but rather towards the legs of the person being massaged. Alternate the pressure on one thumb and then on the other thumb and move towards the hips of the person being massaged. You can use longer, sliding strokes.

Massage the muscles on both sides of the spine, do not massage over the spine. If you do not have enough training, you could hurt the massaged massage through the spine or it would be at least unpleasant.

Shit. Go back to the massaged side. Grasp the far side of the person being massaged with one hand and leave it on the closer side with the other. Use a smooth motion and push towards you with one hand and away from the other. In the middle of your back, your hands should come together and break up again. Massage upwards until you reach shoulder level and then return to the lumbar region. Repeat this process three times.

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