How To Speak While Wearing A Dental Retainer: 9 Steps

If you are new to wearing retainers to treat dental problems, you may face challenging side effects; difficulty speaking while wearing a retainer in the mouth. This is a common problem with new users. You may need some time to get used to the device so you can talk without stuttering again. With enough practice, you should be able to speak fluently while wearing a dental retainer.

Train Yourself with Talk and Sing

Cara Berbicara saat Mengenakan Retainer Gigi: 9 Langkah

Practice speaking slowly to friends and family. To be able to feel more comfortable when talking while wearing a retainer , you should start talking slowly to the people closest to you. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be with speaking while wearing the retainer . You should be able to talk comfortably within one to two months of starting to wear retainers .

Over time, your tongue will adapt to the dental retainer . If you practice pronouncing a variety of words often, you will be able to return to your normal speech again.

When you start practicing words while wearing your retainer , you may spit or drool. This is normal because the mouth retains more saliva than usual as a result of wearing a retainer . You can use a handkerchief to wipe the saliva around your mouth or chin the first time you try on the retainer and talk through the device.

The reason you produce more saliva when you wear a retainer is because your mouth perceives the device as a foreign object. The mouth will react to this object in the same way as food – increasing the production of saliva.

Cara Berbicara saat Mengenakan Retainer Gigi: 9 Langkah

Read something aloud for five minutes or more every day. Another way to familiarize your mouth with wearing a retainer is to read aloud for at least five minutes a day. You can read a paragraph in your favorite book or have a random section of the newspaper. Reading aloud to yourself or someone else allows you to practice speaking and pronouncing different words.

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You should read something aloud every day until you feel able to read it clearly and confidently. Once you can read the sentence aloud well, try longer sentences with more complicated terms and words.

Cara Berbicara saat Mengenakan Retainer Gigi: 9 Langkah

Try to sing one part of the song once a day. Singing is a good way to help the mouth adapt to the dental retainer . You can sing the chorus of your favorite song in the shower or in front of friends and family. You can choose a nursery rhyme or a popular song with simple lyrics. You can practice singing once a day until you can sing without any problems.

Cara Berbicara saat Mengenakan Retainer Gigi: 9 Langkah

Repeat words that are difficult to pronounce while wearing a retainer . While singing or reading aloud, listen to yourself speak and take notes on words or phrases that are difficult to pronounce. These can be long words or words that make bold “sh” and “c” sounds, as well as “s”, “z” or “t” sounds that require you to adjust the position of the retainer . You will have to repeat the words several times as you read or sing them in order to practice pronouncing them. Over time, you should be able to pronounce the difficult words even when you’re on a retainer .

Cara Berbicara saat Mengenakan Retainer Gigi: 9 Langkah

Talk more on the weekends. If you’re shy about speaking in class or in front of schoolmates, you can practice speaking while wearing a retainer on weekends. On weekends, you can walk around the house and talk to yourself or your parents. Talking in an empty room or in front of parents certainly feels much more comfortable.

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Caring for Dental Retainers

Cara Berbicara saat Mengenakan Retainer Gigi: 9 Langkah

Brush your dental retainer at least once a day. Caring for a retainer will make it easier for you to talk while wearing it because it will not smell or become a breeding ground for plaque. Bad odors and plaque buildup can make you uncomfortable when wearing dental retainers and chatting with other people. Maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your dental retainer by brushing it with toothpaste and brushing your teeth at least once a day.

Ask the orthodontist how to clean dental retainers because some types of retainers can only be cleaned with water and a toothbrush, not toothpaste. Some toothpastes, especially abrasive ones, can damage certain dental retainers .

Allowing plaque and bacteria to build up on retainers is also bad for the health of your teeth and gums.

If your dental retainer smells bad even if you clean it frequently, you can try soaking it in a carbon tablet dissolved in water. You can also dissolve a spoonful of baking soda in a glass of water to soak the dental retainer .

Cara Berbicara saat Mengenakan Retainer Gigi: 9 Langkah

Remove the dental retainer only when eating and swimming. To function properly, the retainer must be in the mouth at all times. You should only remove it before eating or when you are about to swim because it should not come into contact with pool water.

You should talk to your orthodontist about these rules because some doctors have additional rules regarding when to use dental retainers . You may be advised not to wear it when engaging in contact sports or other sports that can cause injury to your teeth or damage your retainers .

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Cara Berbicara saat Mengenakan Retainer Gigi: 9 Langkah

Store your dental retainer in its storage case when not in use. To prevent the item from being lost or damaged, you should put it in a storage box when not in use. Put the box in your bag so you can take it to school and use it when you’re eating or swimming. Keeping a dental retainer in its case will keep the appliance safe and ready to use.

Storage boxes usually have several holes to allow air to flow in and keep the retainer dry. A tightly closed box can promote the growth of bacteria because the dental retainer does not dry completely.

Cara Berbicara saat Mengenakan Retainer Gigi: 9 Langkah

Ask your orthodontist to adjust the shape of the dental retainer if it is uncomfortable or too tight. If you’ve been practicing speaking on a retainer for more than a month but still feel uncomfortable and tight in your mouth, you may need to schedule a follow-up appointment with the orthodontist who made it.

The orthodontist may suggest using another dental retainer or adjusting yours to fit better in the mouth. Some dental retainers can rub against the mouth due to the wrong wire and the retainer may feel more comfortable after being adjusted slightly by your orthodontist.

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